Learner Driving Lessons in Edinburgh

The first step is to take driving lessons in Edinburgh from a great driving instructor to pass the test. Passing the driving test leads to greater freedom and increased independence. Driving lessons with Drivers Scotland in Edinburgh uses fantatstic driving instructors to help you from start to finish.  It all gets better from here!


Pass plus

Taking pass plus driving lessons in Edinburgh after your test can safeguard against the higher premiums levied by insurance companies. Pass plus driving lessons with your Drivers Scotland driving instructor will build your skills and knowledge further.
It’s easy and can be done in a day and there’s no test.
Highly recommended!


Hypnosis for driving, hypnotherapy and NLP

Driving lessons and the driving test can be a nerve wracking time for many.
Drivers Scotland can offer hypnosis for driving/hypnotherapy and NLP to counter the stressful effects of these events.
If you are nervous or have other difficulties, we will use suitable and safe techniques to help you.

Should your requirements also extend beyond driving, such as giving up smoking, losing weight, conquering a fear or phobia then please get in CONTACT.
We can help.

Feel free to visit the specialist site



Advanced driving lessons

These driving lessons in Edinburgh train for tests such as DSA Part 2, IAM or ROSPA driving tests. Advanced driving requires a high performance. The driver must utilise skills such as acceleration sense, scan and plan and narrative driving. The skills will be achieved after training, research and homework helping you to succeed. You will need a thorough working knowledge of R

Being a better driver is amazing!


Instructor training

Training to become a driving instructor in Edinburgh requires patience and care. The training we offer will be provided by a Grade 6 driving instructor, to ensure you learn exactly what is required. From structuring “driving lessons” to helping with “attitude and approach”, we provide the training necessary to pass the DSA driving instructor exam requirements.
Click on Instructor training above to learn more.


Chauffeur & V.I.P. driving

Driving that truly reflects skill and knowledge is the ability to chauffeur, and to be able to look after the client(s). We offer training and driving lessons in Edinburgh for any event such as weddings and  funerals; or V.I.P. chauffeuring if you truly have someone special to drive from place to place. Chauffeur driving lessons in Edinburgh cover the elements from care and control of the vehicle, providing the famous smooth ride, to the skills required if your client requires close protection.


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